VA Home Loan Basic Training

Knowing what to expect from the VA Home Loan process can be very daunting, especially if you are first time homebuyer. However, as with everything in life, the more you know, the more prepared you will be when taking the first steps toward homeownership.

Furthering your knowledge, while simplify the process can easily be done by breaking the VA Loan into a five step process. In addition to these five steps we will also look at the most common delays that may arise, and how you can prevent them.

While these steps are easy enough, borrowers should know that home lending is ultimately a business composed of human beings; meaning, there are always a chance for simple mistakes, oversights and paperwork errors.

Most of these problems are easily fixed and very preventable; however, choosing a lender that specializes in VA Loans can save you much time and effort.

Here is a look at five of the most common issues that slow down the VA Loan process: